Friday, May 1, 2009

Now Batting for the Pitcher... Carlos Zambrano?

What an unbelievably riveting game! Those in Aisle 424 were clinging to every aspect of the game and cheering madly all the way through to the end.

I'm, of course, speaking of the Bulls' triple overtime Game 6 victory over the Celtics that could be seen on the press box TV from Aisle 424. The game being played in front of them on the field was pure horse manure.

Actually, calling the ending to the Cubs game horse manure implies that something positive could possibly grow from it.

I was not in Aisle 424 last night. Kris drew the short straw to attend the game when I got to go to one of the area's local establishments to watch all three games being played last night, the Bulls, the Blackhawks' first game of their second playoff series versus Vancouver, and the Cubs return home to the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field.

I was sending Kris periodic updates about the Bulls to her phone, but soon stopped when she informed me that everyone in the section was watching the game on the pressbox TV.

Frankly, I didn't see much of the Cubs game because the Bulls game was just too good. But every now and then, I would sneak a glance over to see what was happening in Wrigley. This is what I remember witnessing:
  • Ryan Theriot dropping a fly ball into short left-field in the first.
  • Milton Bradley rounding the bases after a homerun.
  • Mike Fontenot following him with his own to go back-to-back.
  • Sean Marshall looking pretty darn good for most of his seven innings.
  • Carlos Marmol throwing lots more pitches that were nowhere near strikes.
  • Carlos Zambrano pinch-hitting in the 8th inning of a tie game and the crowd cheering about it.
  • Ryan Theriot dropping a throw from Derrek Lee on a force out attempt.
  • Koyie Hill playing third base.
  • Aaron Heilman joining the Ballooning ERA Brigade by not being able to get anyone out in the 10th inning.

I've never been so thankful to be distracted by the Bulls. I hope they can somewhow manage to win Game Seven in Boston just so I can be guaranteed having four more Bulls games to cloud the fact the Cubs just plain suck right now.

They are playing like they did in the playoffs the last two years, which as we all know is not even close to being a good thing.

What I don't understand, is the joy the crowd expressed when Lou felt his best option for a pinch-hitter in the 8th inning of a tied game was a pitcher. Yes, we all joke about Zambrano being a better hitter than some of the guys on the bench, BUT THIS WAS LOU PRACTICALLY ADMITTING IT! How is that worth cheering?

Micah Hoffpauir is that useless against a left-handed reliever? A left handed reliever, mind you, that has a 6.75 ERA, and has allowed opposing left-handed hitters to hit .345/.545/.942? Is Hoffpauir hurt too?

Will someone please remind Jim Hendry that the disabled list can be a useful tool to use so that you don't have a team playing with its back-up catcher at third base? Is our organizational depth so bad that we just have to sit and hope and pray for a miracle recovery? How is playing Bobby Scales at 3rd possibly worse than what is happening on the field right now?

If the organization is that bad, why isn't Jim Hendry being given his walking papers? Wouldn't this be the second time in his tenure he has run the "all eggs in one basket" strategy and it has blown up on him?

Injuries happen. Teams have to deal with them, not close their eyes and wish the injured players back to health while pitchers are sent in to pinch-hit.

Serenity now... serenity now... that's not working.

Daaa Bulls, da Bulls, da Bulls, da Bulls.... yep, that'll do for now.


Anonymous said...

I missed the game because I had to go to a dinner at the kids' school last night and wasn't feeling great. I wasn't unhappy that I did. I made the Bulls my principal watch, but switched between them, the Hawks and Cubs. Quite possibly the one of the best nights for sports on TV ever (in terms of viewing opportunities, if not 2 of the 3 games.) The best part (after the Bulls game) was that the Sox were nowhere to be found. What a great Bulls game. What a great Hawks game. What a great big cart-load of horse manure being slung at Wrigley last night. Actually I'm reluctant to equate the team's play to horse manure. Its an insult to fertilizer. One observation: while I love baseball in person, I've got to admit that its really slow on TV. You realize that when you can watch a whole lot of basketball action, switch back to baseball and see that you've only missed a pitch or two... maybe. -- Seat 106

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