Friday, May 29, 2009

Cubs Managing to Elicit Every Possible Emotion Simultaneously

The losing streak of death has ended and the Cubs have managed to win three of four games since. It has been masked by the fact that they have scored a grand total of three runs in the last two days while leaving the bases loaded or hitting into an inning-ending double play in seemingly every damn inning.

The AAA kids have excited us with some flashes, and had a few shots at glory but they have not come through yet when the pressure was on. Bobby Scales supplied the only run in the 2-1 loss on Thursday night, but struck out with the bases loaded and one out in the ninth. He also committed an error to extend the ninth inning for the Dodgers on Friday afternoon, though that did not cost them.

Jake Fox, as his legend would suggest, has reached base every time he has come to the plate except for when he batted with two outs in the ninth on Thursday with the bases loaded and the game on the line.

Andres Blanco has a .111 batting average in his three games with the big club. Jason Waddell has yet to appear in a game.

Meanwhile, Carlos Zambrano mistaking the Gatorade machine for Michael Barrett has given plenty of fodder to the local media to wonder whether Lou has lost control of the team.

Then, if you follow the news of the Cubs sale (if you are, you should set as one of your favorites), you've seen that:
  • The two sides are getting closer together on the terms and the deal is closer to finalization.
  • No they aren't and its the Cubs fault for overvaluing the worth of the broadcasting deal with WGN.
  • The financing is almost completed.
  • No its not and that is why the Ricketts are dragging their feet and trying to get the sale price down.
  • The deal may fall apart and Zell is fine with that.
  • Right field sucks!
  • Left field sucks!
  • You suck!
  • Mark Cuban reiterates that he also doesn't want to buy our team anymore.
  • MLB makes it clear that they are not the ones at fault for this dragging out.
  • Jim Hendry just wants someone to give him some damn money to fix the roster.
  • Both sides are making concessions and starting to come together.
  • Repeat as needed.

So Cub fan's emotions are all over the place this week. We've got half the Iowa Cubs on our major league roster, but we actually like them better than Miles, Freel, and Cotts because they at least have the possibility of improving and if they suck, they'll suck for league minimum salary.

We don't know what to make of Zambrano, Lilly, and Dempster all losing their shit and making Milton Bradley look measured and reasoned. Half the fans seem to enjoy the spunk while half are embarassed that two-year olds who have missed their naptime seem to have more control over their tempers than our players.

And we all have started to smell the gloom and doom of what it would mean to have to open the bidding process back up for the Cubs and prolong the sale through the rest of this season and (if that were to happen) into next year and beyond.

Its not even June and I'm already exhausted.


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