Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good Stuff Not Written By Me

Well, I let loose my rant on Saturday, but I know when I'm beat for foaming-at-the-mouth, maniacal ranting. It begins and ends with Hitler, who, it turns out, is a Cubs fan.

HireJimEssian.com was the first to unearth footage of Adolf's feelings of displeasure with Jim Hendry's off-season moves. Today, we found out how Hitler reacted to the news of Aramis Ramirez getting hurt.

Meanwhile, Desipio.com provides some information about just how bad the bullpen has been (including Carlos Marmol).

If that is too depressing, The Cub Reporter reveals that there may be some help on the way from Iowa.

If you are a Wrigley Field worshipper, you will not like Kurt's views at Goat Riders of the Apocalypse, but if someone could guarantee me a World Series if Wrigley was destroyed, I'd be pushing Kurt out of the way to set the dynamite off.

Enjoy the links.


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