Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Bad

So when I posted last, I was going to be heading to the game last night with my Secret Weapon Rally Hat. The problem, unfortunately, is that I was afflicted with whatever brain illness seems to have struck Lou Piniella when he sent a pitcher to the plate as a pinch hitter in the bottom of the 7th inning with the tying run on base against a right handed reliever, while our normal number three hitter (who is also left-handed) was available on the bench.

I made the promise to bring the Ultimate Rally Hat before I actually had the rally hat in my hands prior to the game. I had brought it to work on another day so I wouldn't have to go home before heading out to the game. But that was one of our crappy rainy nights, so I left it at work rather than ruin it in the rain.

When I got to the office yesterday to get it, I couldn't find it and I ran out of time looking for it so I had to go armed only with my nine game winning streak intact, hoping that was enough.

Clearly it was not. I blame myself, and the author of the blog Five Outs to Go, who went to the game as well with a personal eleven game losing streak. There was too much negative mojo to overcome without some serious rally hat weaponry.

But, fear not. The rally hat is sitting beside me and I have a ticket to tonight's game as well. It shall make its debut and wreak havoc on the Pirates. I am confident that had the hat made it to the game last night, Aaron Miles would have been able to catch a soft pop fly, Ryan Theriot would have known to set himself before flinging a ball willy-nilly towards first on a grounder up the middle, Lou would have realized that Zambrano is not a hitter, and Dempster would have regained his knowledge of where the strike zone is.

Neal Cotts would have still sucked harder than a black hole though. Some things can't be helped.


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