Thursday, April 30, 2009

Welcome Home, Cubs

The Cubs come home tonight, battered and bruised in more ways than one. The nagging injuries just don't seem to be going away as quickly as anyone had hoped.

The Cubs still may or may not put Aramis Ramirez on the disabled list.

Cubs f/x makes a good case that Geovany Soto's shoulder may still not be as healthy as we have been led to believe.

Carlos Marmol threw 22 pitches yesterday and only 5 for strikes. I have nothing in which to base this fear, but I worry that his knee isn't right yet, and he may end up overcompensating, and you know where I'm going from here...

Milton Bradley makes Rondell White look like the picture of health, so you can't ever relax regarding his health status.

Meanwhile, the Cubs are taking a bit of a beating in the news as well.

Phil Rogers and apparently some random Tribune subscriber hate Jim Hendry's moves so far, and seem about ready to start work on building that golden statue of Mark DeRosa.

Somebody named Stu Courtney at the Sun-Times asks if Cubs fans should be panicking, says no, but then proceeds to give every reason why we should be panicking.

Plus, they still have the indignity of being completely shut down by Doug Davis. Even Bob Melvin, Arizona's manager, seems shocked by how effective Davis was, "For a guy that tends to throw a lot of pitches and get himself in some jams, this stretch has been awfully good, just a little overshadowed by Danny."

So, unless the team comes out swinging a hot bat (Paging Alfonso Soriano, your lead-off homerun prowess is requested. I repeat - Alfonso Soriano, please direct a pitch to the left-field bleachers as soon as possible, thank you), I'm fully expecting some boos to start raining down from the stands.

If it comes to that, let's at least keep it clean and not give Gordon Wittenmyer any more fodder for stories about us being racist fans.


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