Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ready or Not, Here Comes the 2009 Season

Finally, the actual, real 2009 baseball season is upon us. Cub fans still have one more day to wait to rinse the bad taste of the New Yankee Stadium experience from our collective palettes.

As I sit on my couch pondering the marathon that is now before the Cubs, snow is coming down and it hardly seems like baseball season is really truly here.

My brain seems to be creating all kinds of reasons to not believe that the new season is here. This is probably a direct result of the Cubs playing in New York like the playoffs never ended. Bad pitching, brutal defense, and lack of anything resembling an offense - these are the things I remember from the end of 2008, and sadly, that is what was on display over the weekend against the Yankees.

I may rue the day I complained that Spring Training was too long. I may find myself quickly wishing the games didn't count again.

Maybe I wouldn't be getting so anxious if the Cubs had managed to do anything well at all over the weekend. Lilly and Harden were throwing batting practice. Fukudome continued to do nothing to show that he even deserves to be on the team, much less its starting centerfielder. The defense caused me to look for the Chico's Bail Bonds sponsorship on the backs of their uniforms.

Yet, despite the horrors of the weekend, this is supposed to be a time of renewal and of hope. Ideally anyway. So, since the Cubs did absolutely nothing tangible to encourage us into thinking this year will be any different than the previous 100 years, I'll have to look for the rays of sunshine myself.
  1. Milton Bradley is not hurt.
  2. Milton Bradley has not attacked any fans, teammates, coaches, umpires or reporters.
  3. The last time Carlos Zambrano faced Houston, he threw a no-hitter.
  4. Derrek Lee has not hit into any double plays in the 2009 season.
  5. The Cubs' Home Opener has not been postponed (yet).

That's what I have come up with so far. A Cubs victory over Mr. Oswalt tomorrow night will probably help me feel better. Time to go to work, boys.

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