Monday, August 2, 2010

Play of the Day: Remember That Catch in the First Inning? That Was Pretty Good

The Cubs are really making me work to come up with a Play of the Day.  Seriously, guys?  18 to 1?  Anyone want to have a guess at what the team that showed up this evening has in common with the 2003 Detroit Tigers that lost 119 games?  Alan Trammel as manager.

Of course, this game and the two horrible games before this one can't be used to prove that Trammel should not be the new manager of the Cubs next year, but they aren't something he will want to add to his resume either.

Anyway, we should be talking about the Play of the Day, so I'll go with the running, leaping-into-the-wall catch by Tyler Colvin in the first inning to rob Ryan Braun of extra bases.

Any play that takes something away from Mr. Shiny Shirt is worthy of notice, so good job, Tyler.


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