Thursday, August 12, 2010

Play of the Day: Castro is Good at Baseball

Pat Burrell had put the Giants up by a seemingly insurmountable four runs by doing a right-handed imitation of Will Clark facing Greg Maddux in the 1989 NLCS, so most Cubs fans wrote off the game right then and there.

But the Cubs didn't want to go quietly and Starlin Castro came to the plate with the tying run at third.  There were two outs and he already had three hits on the day.  What were the odds this 20-year old would come through again?

100% as it turns out.

Castro got his fourth hit and tied the game at seven.  He also raised his batting average to .320.  Right now, he is still 23 plate appearances shy of qualifying for the batting title, but he is getting closer everyday.  If he qualified as of today, he would be in second place behind Carlos Gonzalez at .322.

Keep in mind that Castro has managed to get his numbers without the benefit of facing Cubs pitching.  He's good.

The Cubs lost later by one-run.... yada yada yada... who cares.  Castro is good and he's only twenty years old.  That is what gets me through the day.


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