Sunday, August 8, 2010

Play of the Day: Evan Longoria Breaks Up Morrow No-Hit Bid

The stadium was rocking and the fans were on their feet.  People were making sure they had held onto their tickets to prove they were there.  The excitement level had reached a crescendo.

Then Evan Longoria found a hole between second and first.  Aaron Hill made a diving attempt, but could not glove the grounder.  Alas, Brandon Morrow had given up his first hit.  He struck out Dan Johnson next for his 17th strikeout of the game and the final out, but that sneaky Longoria hit kept him from completing the no-no.

What?  You wanted a Play of the Day from the Cubs game? You're sure?

OK, ummm... how about Miguel Cairo grounding into a forceout in the 1st inning?  That may have been the only time in the game where someone might have thought the Cubs could win.  Maybe.  I don't feel like doing a screenshot.


wpbc said...


Aisle 424 said...

Damn straight.

Kimmy said...

Isn't rooting for the Bears almost the same OxyMoron? #justsaying

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