Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bye, Lou

This morning, Carrie Muskat and Gordon Wittenmyer tweeted out announcements almost simultaneously that Lou Piniella is stepping down as the Cubs manager after today's game.  Mike Quade will be the interim manager to finish the year.

The party that BCB will throw upon hearing this news is going to make me ill.


thejoshbaker said...

Sweet Lou will be missed. Sad he had to go out this way. Hope his mother recovers.

Jen McGinnis said...

I am definitely sorry to see Lou go- we'll miss him!

Aisle 424 said...

The Cubs were apparently too choked up to play well for Lou's last game today.

Joe Pepitone said...

I will miss hearing/seeing him speak. He was just pure entertainment. I also think he was a pretty cool guy. A human being. I really liked him.

On the other hand, I will accept a surly, detestable, thick-headed mono-syllabic jerk as the Cubs next manager if he takes them to win the World Series.

Dear God, I've sold my soul.

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