Sunday, August 1, 2010

Play of the Day: Alfonso Comes Close, But No Banana

It was looking like the Play of the Day would be Alfonso Soriano striking out with the bases loaded in the first inning since that was looking like the best chance the Cubs had of doing something good in their final game against the Rockies.

Instead, as the Cubs clawed back to make it interesting, Soriano came up with a chance to tie the game with Marlon Byrd on third and the Cubs down 8-6.  He drove the ball to deep right center field and almost accomplished the feat of bringing the Cubs all the way back.  Instead, Dexter Fowler made a leaping catch up against the wall that ended up knocking him out of the game.

It didn't look like the ball would have made it over the wall on its own for a homerun, but it would have put a runner at second for sure, and probably at third since Fowler hurt himself on the play, with only one out.

This would have practically guaranteed that new arrival, Blake DeWitt, would have had a chance to make his legend grow beyond human comprehension in a fifth at-bat after going 3 for 4 already in the game.  Instead, there were two outs and nobody on, and Jeff Baker struck out to end the game and complete the series sweep by the Rockies.


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