Friday, August 6, 2010

Carlos Silva to Have Heart Procedure

Bruce Levine is reporting that Carlos Silva will undergo a procedure on his heart on Monday:

Chicago Cubs right-handed pitcher Carlos Silva will have a cardiac catheterization on Monday to determine if he needs a cardiac ablation, the team announced Friday.

I have no idea what any of that means except that they are going to cut him open and tinker with his ticker and that is not good news at all.

The bright side is that the Cubs have a decent recent history involving heart procedures.  Jim Hendry completed one of the greatest free-agent signings in the history of the Chicago Cubs when he signed Ted Lilly from his hospital bed before under-going angioplasty surgery.

Also, Bruce reminds us that the Mighty DeRosa came through a similar procedure in 2008:

The ablation was performed, and the irregular heartbeat was adjusted. DeRosa returned to playing baseball within 10 days.

So let's wish good things for Carlos Silva and hope he eventually can resume his career. 
Carlos, as a word of warning, I wouldn't try to break DeRosa's record for returning to action.  For one, there is no reason at all to risk your health to rush back onto the field to play for this team.  For another, Mark DeRosa, as we all know, is more God than man.  One should not enter lightly into a contest with such a being.
Get well soon.


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