Monday, July 19, 2010

The Big Mo

The Cubs won a series and the WGN phone lines were ablaze last night calling George Ofman a killjoy for suggesting that one series win doesn't make a comeback any more probable.  Who does he think he is anyway?  Afterall, the Cubs just won their ninth series this year (out of 29).  That is some serious momentum with a capital M.  The Big Mo.

Just for fun, let's see how the Cubs did in the series after their previous eight series victories.

April 12-15 - Cubs take two of three from the Brewers.  This was considered a big deal at the time since we thought the Brewers might actually be kind of good.

Next series:  Lost two of three to the Astros.

April 23-25 - This time, the Cubs swept three from the Brewers and folks thought a nice little run was coming since the hapless Nationals were coming to town next. 

Next series: Lost two of three to the Nationals

April 29-May 2 - The Cubs won three of four from the Diamondbacks and the offense was starting to look decent again.  A trip to home-away-from-home PNC Park was next.  I didn't like the feel, but a lot of people thought this would be the big momentum changer.

Next series:  Lost three-game sweep to the Pirates.

May 17-18 - The Cubs sweep a two-game mini-series from Colorado.  Normally, you wouldn't get excited about a two-game series win, but seeing as this is the Cubs and it was almost Memorial Day and they had managed to beat only two teams in a series so far (Milwaukee twice), we'll take it.

Next series: Split two-game series with Phillies.  Woohoo, it's not a loss!

May 21-23 - The Cubs shockingly go down to the Ballpark at Arlington to play a Rangers team that is in first place and playing very well at home, and somehow win two out of three.

Next series:  They won two of three from the Dodgers!  Holy crap!  Two series wins in a row!

Next series: Lost two of three to the Cardinals.

June 15-17 - The Cubs take two of three from Oakland, which they should if they are a good team, but it is clear by now they aren't, so we're pretty psyched about it.

Next series:  Lost two of three to the Angels.

July 5-7 - The Cubs went to whatever they call the B.O.B. now (where they traditionally can't win to save their lives) and beat the crap out of Arizona "pitching" to sweep all three games.

Next series: Lost three of four to the Dodgers.

So the Cubs' record in series following a series victory is 1-6-1.  Bring on the Astros and tell the Cardinals and Reds to watch their backs because the big blue Cubs wave is very slowly bearing down on them.


Aisle 424 said...

Looks like they are on their way to 1-7-1 in series following a series victory.

Aisle 424 said...

I really do hate being right all the time.

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