Monday, July 26, 2010

Play of the Day: El Caballo es Muy Frio

Yes, Carlos Marmol retired Carlos Lee for the last out of the game, but Carlos Lee's at-bat in the 7th inning is tonight's Aisle 424 Play of the Day.

Justin Berg had come in to relieve Silva in the 6th and had allowed only one hit in an inning and two-thirds.  But then he gave up a two-out single to someone named Angel Sanchez.  No big deal, right?  But then Lance Berkman grounded to Derrek Lee and Castro failed to cover second for the force and Berg didn't cover first quickly enough, so now the Astros have been given an extra out to play with since th einning should have been over.

Hunter Pence, who pisses me off by simply existing, followed with an RBI single and suddenly all-time Cub-killer Carlos Lee came to the plate as the tying run.

Lou went to the bullpen to bring in young Andrew Cashner to face Lee.  Two pitches later, the inning was over as Lee grounded to Castro and the Cubs actually recorded an out at second base:

While I don't know if this speaks louder about Cashner's abilities or Lee's crappy year, I still enjoy seeing Carlos Lee retired when he represents the tying run in a ballgame.


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