Thursday, July 8, 2010

Getting Ready To Be Appreciated By the Cubs

Today is the day that the Cubs have set aside to do some real appreciating of the most loyal and stupid fans, the season ticket holders.  As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I received a very nice letter ghostwritten by someone in the marketing department and then signed by Tom Ricketts (or rather, just "Tom") that has invited me and a guest to come to Wrigley Field to be appreciated by the Ricketts family and other key members of the staff.

Whoever runs the Cubs Insider twitter account posted this photo earlier, so I know that Tom actually did show up. 

God bless him for that.  You know the bulk of the day has been filled with the same stupid questions and comments that fill up the WGN post-game shows:
  • "How come this team doesn't have more spirit?!"
  • "You never should have traded DeRosa!"
  • "That Toyota sign is terrible and you don't spend enough money on good players!"
  • "Bob Brenly for manager!"
  • "Hi, I run a stupid blog and I want to interview you like I'm a real journalist."
So I have to figure that by the time I get there for the last of the scheduled times, he will have either fled the scene and made one of his brothers or sister stand in for him, or put a gun in his mouth.

But we'll see.  Kris is bringing her camera to capture some of the moments for posterity and I'll have an update later unless the world explodes under the weight of the Lebron decision before I have a chance.


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