Friday, July 16, 2010

Cubs Have Long Way to Climb

After the Cubs' second half winning streak has hit the epic level of two, the Cubs record stands at 41-50.  The Reds have already won their game to go to 50-41, and barring a major collapse, the Cardinals will win their game (they currently lead the Dodgers 8-2 in the 6th) to bring their record to 49-41.

So, let's say both the Reds and the Cardinals maintain their current paces of play.  This is a perfectly reasonable assumption since neither team is exactly playing over their heads.

If the Reds maintain their .549 win percentage, they will finish 89-63.  The Cardinals at their pace would finish 88-64.  That means the Cubs would have to go 49-22 for a .690 clip to win 90 games to win the Central.

If the Reds and Cardinals each only play .500 ball the rest of the way, the Reds would finish 86-76 and the Cardinals would be 85-77.  To catch two teams that tread water, the Cubs need to go 46-25, otherwise known as a .648 win percentage.

This from a team that was winning at a .438 pace before the aforementioned two game winning streak.

I just thought we should have some respect for the depth of the hole the Cubs have dug for themselves. 

Go Cubs!!


OMC said...

So you're saying there's hope?

Aisle 424 said...

About as much hope as me getting attacked by a shark while walking on the moon after winning the lottery.

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