Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Derrek Lee Won't Accept a Trade

Bruce Levine has reported on ESPN Chicago that Derrek Lee "prefers to remain a Cub rather than accept a trade," which leads one to ask the question: Why the hell not?

Aisle 424 has learned that Derrek's reasons are multifold:

Top Ten Reasons Derrek Lee Won't Accept a Trade

10.  He really, really likes the Cubs' .4% chance at the playoffs.

9.  He is so opposed to the designated hitter rule he will stick with this crappy-ass team.

8.  Let's just say he got a call from Oprah and not speak of it again.

7.  He'll miss the tender dulcet tones of Ronnie Woo.

6.  Racist fans you know are better than the racist fans you don't.

5.  He just likes pissing off Jim Hendry.

4.  You can't put a price on good deepdish pizza.

3.  The Rally Monkey really freaks him out.

2.  If Hendry hadn't intended for him to use his No Trade Clause, Hendry wouldn't have given him one.

1.  Bleacher babes.  'Nuff said.


Doc Blume said...

Derrek Lee just prefers to stay on a team that consistently performs below expectations.

Aisle 424 said...

In seriousness, he could be putting the needs of his family above his own need to chase a championship on a team where he would play only a marginal and temporary role.

The man has earned the NTC and he's using it. I don't fully understand why he would, but I'm not pissed at him for doing so.

Anonymous said...

you all are pathetic... who do you want to play first instead? hoffpauir?

Aisle 424 said...


It doesn't much matter who plays first this year... or next year... the team is going to suck for awhile. Prospects they can get back that can help a future Cubs team (for less money) is far more valuable than Derrek's contribution to whatever is left of this season.

He has every right to bar a trade, so we get a few more months of him and then he will leave in Free Agency and the Cubs will get nothing in return for him.

Doc Blume said...

First off...Lee isn't coming back next year. Second, he has plenty of family in California.

If he really wants to help this team, then he should allow the trade because, thanks to his pathetic performance this season, he likely will get the Cubs little or no compensation if he leaves via free-agency.

And Anonymous, this season is it doesn't matter one bit who plays first the rest of the season. There will be plenty of options after the season is over for someone to come in and play first base. In fact, I consider first base to be the easiest of all the position players to fill (but don't tell the Angels that).

Aisle 424 said...

Derrek doesn't have any obligation to uprooting himself and/or his family to go play for a team he could care less about just so fans can feel abetter about a team in the future he won't be playing on. He has earned the right to stay where he is and as much as we would all like to get something for him before he leaves, I have no animosity towards him for making a choice he is contractually allowed to make.

Derrek has signed a contract to play baseball for the Chicago Cubs and he has attempted to play as well as he is capable. He hasn't performed this year like we hoped he would, but saying its because he doesn't care or isn't trying is contrary to everything we know about Derrek from his teammates and just about everyone who has ever come in contact with him.

He goes out every day and tries to help the team. If you want to blame someone for putting the Cubs in this spot, his name rhymes with Shmim Pendry.

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