Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chicago Cubs Rebuild Update: Still No Updates

The Cubs rebuilding process is going full steam ahead as Jim Hendry takes on the task of fixing what has been wrong with the team this year.  Let's check on his progress so far.
Time: 4 days until non-waiver trade deadline.

Ted Lilly: Still a Cub (and pitching tonight in Houston).
Derrek Lee: Still a Cub (and apparently willing to excercise his no-trade rights to remain that way).
Ryan Theriot: Still a Cub (and reportedly having his stock rise amongst scouts that value bad defense, terrible baserunning, and weak bats).
Xavier Nady: Still a Cub. (Seriously, he is. Check the box scores.  He can usually be found under GIDP.)
Carlos Zambrano: Still a Cub (and apologizing for his actions, but apparently he is doing it wrong).
Kosuke Fukudome: Still a Cub (and can usually be found coming into games only after Xavier Nady has been used).
Aramis Ramirez:
Still a Cub (and will unsurprisingly pick up his player option to stay a Cub next year too).
The progress is impressive when measured on a geological timeline, but otherwise not so much.


Duey23 said...

For about 5 minutes today I didn't even think about the trainwreck we continue to watch.

Thanks for bringing that back into my line of vision.

How f'in depressing that new ownership has publicly voiced their faith over Hendry in both the new manager search and beyond.

Nice to know that bogus SEC filings kept Mark Cuban out of contention. I feel things would be drastically different ALREADY.

Aisle 424 said...

Duey, I don't think Mark Cuban was necessarily the bandage to this problem. Besides, he was never going to win the bid anyway since he recognized before anyone that the Cubs were getting overvalued in a bad economy. There is no way he would have paid as much as the Ricketts did.

Plus, it's not like Mark Cuban has a stellar record of bringing championships to the Dallas Mavericks in his years as an owner of that team. I think he would have cleaned house and that would have made everyone feel better about things, but whether he actually put them on the right track towards a championship is debatable.

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