Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chicago Cubs Rebuild Update: No Updates

Since Jim Hendry has been allowed to keep the controls and oversee the retooling of the Cubs roster, I thought we should periodically check in on the progress as the July trade deadline grows nearer.

Time: 9 days until non-waiver trade deadline.

Ted Lilly

Still a Cub (and  it's hard to say how he feels about it).

Derrek Lee

Still a Cub (and seems pretty psyched about it).

Ryan Theriot

Still a Cub (and still wandering aimlessly around the basepaths).

Xavier Nady

Still a Cub (and potentially filing a sexual harassment suit against Marlon Byrd).

Carlos Zambrano

Still a Cub (and thrilled to be in Iowa).

Kosuke Fukudome

Still a Cub (and trying to figure out who would want him).

I could go on like this all day, but I figure these are the only guys that have any chance at all of having to fill out change-of-address cards to have their Vineline magazine delivered to their new homes.  We'll check in periodically to see how Trader Jim is doing.


Marvin Ferguson said...

These guys are all good players and have given Cub fans some exciting baseball to watch. But when I think of lefties pitching, I wonder how many good lefties are out there in the major league. Sometimes getting good lefties comes with a hefty price. May be the Cubs should try and negotiate with Ted Lilly.

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