Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fonzie Rates the Cubs

One week of Cubs games are in the books and since I have a lot of howework to do before Opening Day at Wrigley tomorrow, I'm bringing in a special correspondent to handle the analysis of the past week.  Ladies and gentleman, I am very pleased to have the one and only Arthur Fonzerelli provide his analysis of the Cubs so far.  (Sorry if anyone clicked on this expecting something about Alfonso Soriano.)

Fonzie, what do you make of the Cubs offense?

 Yeah, that sounds about right.  What do you think of their defense?

We're with you on that too.  How about the starting pitching?

They were pretty good after that first game.  How about the bullpen?

Surely, you're not down on all those guys.  What about Marshall and Marmol?

After watching them this week, what do you expect from the rest of the Cubs' season?

We don't know either, but you should probably be careful while you're skiing, there are lots of dangerous... look out!  Shark!!!

That was an awfully long way to go for a pretty lame joke.  Was it worth it?

Thanks, Fonz!


Jennifer McSparin said...

Thumbs up from me, too!

thejoshbaker said...


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