Monday, November 15, 2010

Wrigley Gets a Makeover (Without Using Government Funds)

Wrigley Field is getting all gussied up in preparation for the football game between Northwestern and Illinois this Saturday, and people aren't too happy about it.

First, let's take a look at the preparations, courtesy of @CubsInsider's twitpics:

Before: Red Marquee

God forbid anything happen that doesn't put a member of the Ricketts family front and center.

After: Purple Marquee!

Wayne, over at The Wrigley Blog, probably sums up the disapproving folks' attitudes best:

Not only are they temporarily defacing the landmark, they are also making sure they do it loudly; promoting and sponsoring it, complete with MasterCard billboards and Valspar paint cans. Because, you see - Wrigley Field isn't just a dandy place to watch a game, she is also a money making machine.

Exactly.  Which is why I am very much behind this little endeavor.  I am in favor of anything that adds money to the Cubs' pockets that doesn't come from me (whether directly or through the State of Illinois).  I am especially behind anything like what the Cubs are doing here, which is completely temporary.  This isn't adding luxury boxes or a jumbotron, it is all going to go away after this weekend and if the Cubs get some extra cash from Valspar and MasterCard in the process?  Fan-freakin'-tastic.

Besides, the exterior of Wrigley is nothing special anyway.  It's bland and ugly.  It is covered in crappy chain link fence where wrought-iron and open air used to be:

I think a few blown up photos of football players and helmets actually makes the exterior look better.
See?  I don't hate everything the Ricketts do.


Podcast buddy, Adam, has put his own unique spin on Wrigley's new look over on his site.  I guarantee you won't feel the purple marquee is nearly as offensive after checking it out.


Augie said...

I am glad you are more rational than some of your fellow bloggers are. I truly feel for the Ricketts. Cub fans want them to spend all their money to put a winner on the field, but cry foul anytime they try to raise money. If they finally get some fan approval, they have to deal with the city. Do these bloggers want a winning team or a landmark? You cannot have both.

Aisle 424 said...

I would burn Wrigley down and defecate on the smoldering pile if it meant the Cubs finally win something. That's totally rational, right?

Augie said...

Yes, it is rational. Also, a little desperate and sad, but at least you have your priorities right.

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