Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ted Lilly's House Selling As Well as Koyie Hill Hits

Ted Lilly parlayed his time with the Cubs into a new $33 million deal plus a $3.5 million signing bonus with the Dodgers, so even though he isn't immune to the crappy selling conditions of the current housing market, he has a nice little cushion to get him by.

According to Bob Goldsborough (h/t Rice Cube), Ted has dropped the price of his Wrigleyville house to $2.1 million, which at this point is slightly less than the $2.15 million he paid for it in 2007.  Of course, the listing price is rarely what the owner will eventually get, so he's going to lose a few hundred thousand on the transaction at best.

Even when being a Cub is good for your career, it comes with a price.

The house looks pretty nice from the outside and it has plenty of amenities:

Built in 2006, Lilly’s brick and limestone house sits on a corner lot and has six bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, a wine cellar, a wide limestone center entrance, a large gourmet kitchen, two roof decks, an attached 2.5-car heated garage and a private rear yard.

So if you know anybody with an extra $2 million or so lying around who is in the market for a house near Wrigley Field, Ted is ready to make a deal.  Just don't lowball him.  You don't want to make Ted angry.


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