Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ricketts Wants to Vaguely Help Some Indeterminate Number of Black People

Tom Ricketts has not given up on his fight to get state funding to renovate Wrigley Field.  His first angle of announcing his intentions in a letter to season ticket holders without looping in the governor shockingly didn't work, so he is now trying to sell his scheme to the Black community.

According to the Chicago Defender:

Tom Ricketts, chairman of the Chicago Cubs, addressed the Black business community and elected officials Tuesday about the sports organization’s plans to allocate a portion of the construction contracts and other workforce needs to Black contractors in the Cubs refurbishing efforts of its North Side ball park, Wrigley Field.

An overall plan or legislative proposal, hasn’t been finalized, but Ricketts said a “fair” number of business contracts, mainly infrastructure, will go to Black contractors.

This is an aspect that Tom has never mentioned before, so one has to wonder what he means by a "fair" number of business contracts.  Luckily, the Defender was also wondering:

While Ricketts couldn’t give specifics on what percentage of the pie Black contractors would receive, he declined to define what a fair percentage range would be.

“I’d rather give specifics instead of speculating. I don’t have any specifics available at this time,” Ricketts told the Defender.

"Trust me."

Well, I'm sure the African-American community will jump to support the rich white guy who makes a vague, non-binding promise to help their community when they help him get the means to get even wealthier.  That's usually how it works, right?

Somehow, I have a feeling that Tom might have to work a little bit harder to get the support he wants:


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