Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top Ten Potential New Names For This Blog

Given that I have renounced my possession of a season ticket package in Aisle 424, and because the ticket package I would share with others is technically in Aisle 423, the current title isn't necessarily the most logical.  So I've been thinking about it and I've come up with some alternatives:

Top Ten Potential New Names For This Blog

10. Tales from Adjacent to Aisle 424
9. Bitching About the Cubs
8. Tim, Your Blog Smells Terrific!
7. Fire Jim Hendry
6. Cubs Blog Picnic Without Cole Slaw
5. Jefferson Starship
4. I Can Haz Cubz Blogg?
3. Tales from My Mother's Basement
2. Lindsay Lohan Naked
1. Tales from Aisle 424 Even Though I Don't Sit There Anymore, But Who Cares Because Nobody Reads This Shit Anyway: A Cubs Blog

Catchy, right?


cubbiejulie said...


Rock Strongo said...

How about Tales From The Only Cubs Fan To Ever Wise Up And Stop Giving A Dumb Fucking Organization That Hasn't Won, Can't Win and Will Never Win Any Of My Fucking Money?

Rice Cube said...

Keep it the same Tim. You can always sneak back into 424 since nobody will go to games anyway.

Aisle 424 said...

I like the way Rock thinks, except I am still giving them my money. Just not as much of it.

Duey23 said...

10a) I actually KNOW where 423 is and what side of it I sit on and don't get confused like 95% of the single-game ticket holders
10b) I can still get to you bastards in 424 so don't get cocky
10c) The view from 423 still sucks when Samardzija gives up a long ball
10d) I"m one aisle closer to whoever they've dragged up to sing the 7th inning stretch.

Ace@BleacherNation said...


Adam said...

Just make it that logo Prince used for awhile.

KB said...

Bitching About The Cubs is one that will never have to be replaced.

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