Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Aramis Ramirez Decides Not to Play For Way Less Money

In a move that is less shocking than the news that ice is cold, Aramis Ramirez has decided to play with the Cubs in 2011.

According to Bruce Levine:

Ramirez, who will be playing in the final year of a five-year, $75 million contract, had to inform the Cubs within five days of the end of the World Series whether he would become a free agent.

 If Ramirez, 32, would have accepted the option to become a free agent, it would have voided his $14.6 million contract for 2011.

There is almost no way that Ramirez would have ended up coming out ahead if he had declined the option and become a free-agent. His first half of 2010 made Koyie Hill look like a batting champion. I can think of only one general manager who may have given Ramirez a lucrative payday as a free-agent and that one already works for the Cubs, so he was smart to not test the market.
The Cubs also have a $15 million dollar option on 2012 or a $2 million buyout if they choose to decline the option.

Also, his 2012 contract can become guaranteed under a few conditions. According to Bruce Miles:
  • He wins one MVP in 2007-11 (still possible)
  • He places 2nd or 3rd in MVP vote twice in 2007-11 (not possible - he has never finished in top 3 in voting)
  • He wins LCS MVP once in 2007-11 (still possible)
  • He is an All Star 3 times in 2007-11 (not possible - he was an All-Star only in 2008 in that range)
  • He gets traded after exercising 2011 option (still possible)
So the Cubs are pretty much on the hook to him for $16.6 million, but if they trade him, the team that gets him would get a contract worth $29.6 million over the next two years.  The Cubs would have to probably pay more than the $16.6 million to get rid of him via trade, especially if they wanted anything in return for him, so they won't.

So we can all look forward to some nice "Aramis Ramirez is a lazy, washed-up jerk" musings from the media and fans if he doesn't play well, and "Aramis Ramirez is only playing for a new contract because he's so lazy and selfish" narratives if he does well.

Glad you're back, Ramirez!


Johnathan said...

I'm sure Joe Morgan would say, at this point, "He's a fantastic ballplayer, has a real knack for the game, bought me a beer once when we, well when I was naked in the clubhouse."

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