Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sandberg Game Turns 26 and Gets Lost in Interweb's Tubes

Today is the 26th anniversary of both the Sandberg Game and my twelfth birthday.  I won't wax nostalgic on it again, but my post from last year commemorating the 25th anniversary can be found here.

Unfortunately, MLB appears to have forcibly removed any video of the game from the interwebs, so we are left with this image from Yahoo's Big League Stew as one of the only tangible memories from that awesome day:

Maybe Starlin Castro or Tyler Colvin can hit two game tying homeruns off of David Aardsma tonight in Seattle for my birthday to create some new memories.  I'd settle for back-to-back jacks to take the lead.

Hell, I'd settle for a solitary runner crossing the plate safely at this point.

Miracles can happen, right?


Adam said...

Happy birthday! I'm sure the Cubs can give you a run as a gift, I just don't know if they can have it delivered before next Tuesday.

Aisle 424 said...

They'll probably charge me for the shipping too.

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