Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cubs Win a Series Despite Cats & Dogs Still Not Living Together

Soriano is trying to bunt for hits.  Theriot took a walk.  Fukudome got two hits in a game that was not held in the month of April.  Randy Wells didn't give up more runs than innings pitched.  Mass hysteria!

All of this craziness resulted in the Cubs winning a series for the first time since this guy was a newborn:

Somehow the Bizarro Cubs have been on display at Wrigley over the last couple of days and that seems fine with everybody.

Note to whoever stole the real Cubs:  Keep them.  You can even kill them.  We don't care.  We might even prefer it.  We like the guys we have now.

I'm sure there has to be some ramification for the Cubs suddenly resembling a team that is capable of winning more games than it loses, but the dead aren't rising, the rivers haven't turned to blood, and dogs and cats still seem to regard each other with a level of distrust and outright hatred.  It's all good.


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