Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm Learnding!

I learned a couple of things from Dave van Dyck's piece in the Tribune this afternoon.  For one thing, it seems Xavier Nady's arm is feeling a little better.  For another, the Tribune probably shouldn't have eliminated all of their copy editors because Word comes with spellcheck now.  Lastly, it looks like a shark is lingering below the surface that could re-emerge at any time.

Almost overlooked in Thursday's 3-2 Cubs victory over the A's was one line-drive throw from right field to home plate in the fifth inning.

It didn't nail the A's runner and it did bounce past the catcher, but for Xavier Nady it was like a giant leap — his first all-out throw from the outfield in more than a calendar year.

We are really looking for rays of sunshine anywhere we can find them when a throw that got nobody out and was wild enough to get past the defense is being heralded as a positive sign.
Disabled this baseman Aramis Ramirez (left thumb bruise) will rehab Saturday and Sunday at Class-A Peoria.
Which baseman?  Oh, THIS baseman.  I feel like this could be the beginning of a lost Abbott and Costello routine.
The Cubs have reached agreement with first-round draft pick, Hayden Simpson, who be at Wrigley Field Friday or Saturday.
I be looking forward to it.
The Angels will be making their first visit to Wrigley Field on Friday. They are the last major league team to come.
That's what she said.
[On Tuesday], Jeff Samardzija started his first game of the season and threw five shutout innings. He's 5-0 with a 1.80 ERA at Iowa.
Oh... crap...


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