Friday, June 25, 2010

The Cubs Just Realized They Appreciate Me

Last night, I received a very nice letter from Tom Ricketts inviting me to a Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Day:

In the past, the only thing about Season Ticket holders the Cubs appreciated was the money we forked over year after year right after Christmas, so I had to wonder about what motivated such a heartfelt letter and effort going into setting aside a whole day to appreciate us.

Luckily, Aisle 424 is equipped with the latest and greatest technology and I was able to determine that there are subliminal messages hidden on the letter which sheds some light on the motivation:

It's still a nice gesture and I'll probably end up doing it if I can get off of work.  I doubt it will influence my decision to buy again next year.  If they really gave a damn, this would have been rolled out well before they got worried about all the unsold tickets they are looking at next year.  But when else am I going to get to see the PNC Club?  They don't include it on the regular tour.


Ivy Chat Chuck gives his take on the letter from the Ricketts:

This letter shows that Ricketts know they are in trouble here. The product on the field stinks and the only way to improve it rapidly would be another huge round of payroll spending. They also know that they already have some big payroll obligations and they still have $425 million in debt that needs to be repaid. One bets they also are going to have to go to their father and explain how the return on investment of 1/3rd of the family's net worth is doing.

His whole post is spot on, and I don't envy the Ricketts kids having to have that conversation with their father. 


MGb said...

Don't be so bitter. They are new owners, and something like this may have been on the drawing board for the entire season. The Cubs sucking is just a coincidence - probably. So when are you going to pick me up?

Duey23 said...

Hilarious. Yeah, I took about 2 seconds to try to think about what they were up to with this. I'm traveling that day. Doubt I would have gone anyway.

You'd think with something like 60,000 on the wait list, they may not really care, but at least it was SOMETHING (which is more than the Tribune would have done)

Anonymous said...

glad to see there is finally some concern from management.

empty seats will do that.

you have to hit owners like tom ricketts in the pocketbook. that's the only way they will see fans frustration.

Aisle 424 said...

MGb, it is possible that they have been planning something like this all along, but to throw it out there less than 2 weeks from when they hold it? During a weekday afternoon? It smells like it was wedged in wherever they could find a spot as soon as possible.

Duey, the last I heard the list was at 110,000 or so, but I bet the actual number that will bite on tickets now is probably less than the 60,000 you mentioned. A LOT of those people jumped on the list figuring that they would get the seats and be able to sell off a good chunk on the secondary market to nullify the cost or even make a small profit. That isn't true anymore. I bet there are a lot of declines as they go through the wait list.

wpbc, this shows they need someone in charge of baseball operations between himself and Jim Hendry who is not Crane Kenney. Crane builds revenues, he doesn't build baseball teams. Hendry can not be trusted to use his own judgement anymore. Someone with a long-term, full organizational plan needs to be brought in.

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