Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Longest Off Day Ever

I'm glad I get to go to the game tonight, but part of me wishes it was an afternoon game just so it could happen already.  This has seemed like a particularly long layoff between games, yet I still can't put together enough cohesive thoughts together for a well-written post, so here is some random stuff off the top of my head that is probably not worth reading.

It seems the dead time has taken a toll on my better judgement. Yesterday, I got suckered into debating whether Lou is "innovative" on another blog (and I use the most liberal definition of "debating" ever to describe the exchange).  Of course, the argument began over a post where people are seriously talking about a six-man rotation like it's a good idea, so maybe the time off has driven everyone a little insane.

Meanwhile, the weather has heated up so it may be a good time to casually mention to Derrek Lee how crazy it is that it is June already.  (Just don't do it while Kosuke's translator is within earshot - he still thinks it is April 55th.)

Carlos Zambrano threw a simulated game yesterday and they even simulated a weak groundball sneaking past the outstretched gloves of Ryan Theriot and Mike Fontenot just to make it more realistic.

Carlos Silva is 6-0.  How insane is that?  He has increased his nine-year career win total by 10% already and it isn't even Memorial Day.  He has won more games this season than he has in an entire season since 2007.  He has more wins this year than in the last two years combined.  I know wins are a crappy way of judging a pitcher's performance, but still, holy crap!

No one seems to know who will leave the rotation when Zambrano re-enters it, but I haven't seen anybody mention that the guy who is coming off shoulder surgery might be the guy who could be odd man out.  My guess is because Ted Lilly would probably behead anyone who tried to stick him in the bullpen.

The Toyota sign will still not be present for this homestand.  The Cubs are hoping to have final approval so it can be up in time for the White Sox series where they will begin playing for the new BP sponsored Crosstown Cup.  At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if they also announced a new children's play area at Wrigley sponsored by NAMBLA.

Starlin Castro has so far seemed immune to the Aisle 424 Fantasy Curse.  I own him on three separate teams and defense isn't factored in, so none of his early fielding problems are my fault.

On the other side, you can all blame me for Aramis Ramirez and probably for Derrek Lee as well.  I owned Ramirez on two teams and finally cut him the other day as a sacrifice to the Fantasy Gods in the hopes that they will restore his swing.  My other league doesn't allow roster moves unless there is a move to the disabled list for the player, so unless that thumb really starts acting up, I'm stuck with him and Lee dragging down my offense in that league and the Cubs' offense in real life.

In case you've been wondering why Albert Pujols seems human this year, I own him in three different leagues, so I like to think me cursing Albert helps balance out the Lee and Ramirez travesty a bit.  I also broke Lance Berkman.

Finally... Go Blackhawks!


Seat 106 said...

You called it again tonight. Listening to the postgame show on the way home, some caller started ranting that it was time to trade Ramirez because the team has a lot more confidence when he's not playing.

Aisle 424 said...

It's those kind of mouthbreathers that should be very glad I haven't figured out how to strangle people with my mind (yet).

Southside Phil said...

"Carlos Zambrano threw a simulated game yesterday and they even simulated a weak groundball sneaking past the outstretched gloves of Ryan Theriot and Mike Fontenot just to make it more realistic."

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