Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cubs Suck at Everything

(Photoshop via shawngoldman @ ACB)

At this point, there really isn't much to do with this Cubs team except to look around for someone to blame.  If you listen at all to the callers into the WGN postgame show, it seems that most people have focused their blame on a singular person.

It is hardly ever the same person, but it is interesting how so many people seem to feel that a change of simply one person in the equation is the difference between this current Cubs team that can't find a way to beat the damn Pirates and a theoretical team that is capable of beating up on teams like the Phillies and Cardinals.

Folks, it isn't one person.  If you don't like Lou Piniella, that's fine, but turning this team over to Alan Trammel or Ryne Sandberg isn't going to solve anything.  Lou is not the reason that none of the bullpen guys can get anyone out.  He's not the reason that the Cubs can't score unless they hit the ball over the wall.

For those who think eliminating Jim Hendry will solve everything, he isn't the one putting together a lineup that consistently has the two best performing hitters (with histories of success) in the sixth and seventh slots in the lineup.  He isn't the one who keeps putting a guy batting under .200 with no arm out in right field while the young kid who needs playing time rots on the bench.

There is no one player or even portion of the team that can be blamed.  After a great start to the season, the starters have returned to earth and despite pitching decently overall, have been putting the team in early holes to start out the game.  The bullpen is so bad that Lou has forced the issue a few times with his starters going longer than they should and paid the price almost every time.  The offense would be good if runners left on base was a category that counted in the score of games.  The defense is clunky at best and downright awful when the team seems to need clean play the most.

We are left to wonder how bad this team would be if they didn't have such great clubhouse chemistry.


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