Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cubs Win and Castro's Ridiculous Throw Drive Everyone Insane

Theriot's throw would just be arriving now
(Via GBTS @ ACB)

The range.  The arm.  It was beautiful to behold.  Folks, that was Jayson Werth running down the line.  He's not slow (and notice he was running immediately out of the box) and Castro nailed him from short left field.  By baseball standards, it wasn't even all that close a play.  It was Dunstonesque except with accuracy on the throw.

Meanwhile, the Cubs managing to beat the Phillies in their own park when they had such a bitch of a time beating the Pirates anywhere appears to have sent a few folks 'round the bend.

Wrigleyville23 correctly points out that Phil Rogers' latest idea to put Ryan Dempster in the bullpen is stupid.

Hire Jim Essian can't believe that Barry Rozner suggested that Carlos Zambrano "thought about" tanking his bullpen appearances.

Now Lou is apparently making noises that Randy Wells will be the one heading out of the rotation and into the bullpen to make room for Zambrano's return. (h/t Bleacher Nation)

I really don't understand why everyone is so hellbent and determined to keep Carlos Silva in the rotation.  If Silva fell off the face of the earth today, the Cubs would have already received more than they should have expected in return for the Mariners' new clean-up hitter and shouldlook on anything else he gives them as gravy.

Screw it.  Let's just watch Castro's play a few more times.


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