Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Most Boring and Pointless Speculation Ever

I was a bit perplexed by a small item at the end of Paul Sullivan's story about Sean Marshall keeping his edge in the race for the fifth starter spot. According to the "Extra Innings" section:

"The Cubs are scouting Oakland shortstop Bobby Crosby, who suddenly is expendable after the A's signed Orlando Cabrera to play short. The problem is Crosby makes $5.2 million, well above his market value, especially for the utility role he would fill on the Cubs."

I'm not real sure what the reasoning would be to investigate Bobby Crosby as a part of this team. He has been almost constantly injured since his Rookie of the Year season of 2004. He has a career batting average of .239, and after showing some power with 22 homeruns in 2004, he has not hit double digits in homeruns since.

He's not a sure defensive upgrade to Theriot since his fielding percentage is actually worse than Theriot's, but he does have better range (which is hardly surprise). He is not suited for a super-sub role since he has never played any other position but shortstop in his career.

Its hard to imagine where he would fit on this roster, especially considering his $5.2 million salary and his feelings about not wanting to play a back-up or utility role in Oakland, as quoted to Mychael Urban, who covers the A's for MLB.com:

"I love playing here, but obviously they're going in a different direction, so I think it's best for everyone that I do the same thing," he explained. "I'd like the opportunity to play shortstop somewhere else."

I'm not sure why he'd want to play a utility role in Chicago if he thinks he should still be a starter. Probably a bunch of nothing and an effort by a reporter to fill some space. Not that I would ever do such a thing.


Arnold said...

I'd play a utility role on the Cubs for 5.2 million! Maybe I should let them know I'm available. Hey, you're an insider, can you sneak my name in somewhere? I'll give them a 20% discount.

Anonymous said...

We already have Bobby Crosby. His name is Aaron Miles. How many do we need?

SixRowBrewCo said...

That would be Cesar Izturis and Neifi Perez all over again without the accents.

Anonymous said...

the last thing this club needs is another shitty midlle infielder.

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