Friday, March 6, 2009

If Wishing Made It So, Milton Would Have Killed Someone by Now

Its hard to know that real baseball is still a month away. Its even harder when I look out of my office window and see college kids playing frisbee in short-sleeve shirts and shorts out in the nice, sunny, warm, perfect-for-baseball weather. It is harder yet when Spring Training has been about as exciting as a game of tic-tac-toe.

Those in the Chicago media really want something exciting to happen so they have something besides Aaron Miles to write about. Rick Morrissey has been reduced to writing about the 1985 Cubs team and the shoulda-woulda-coulda beens of that year. I won't go into it in any detail because Hire Jim Essian does a better job ripping him a new one than I could.

Meanwhile, Dan McNeil has had some time on his hands since leaving the Mac, Jurko, and Harry show on ESPN 1000 in Chicago, so he has been writing a bit for the Sun-Times. He is also less than thrilled about Spring Training in Arizona.

But you know what? Boring in Spring Training is a good thing. A yawn-inducing snooze-fest in the Spring means that there aren't too many holes on the roster to be filled. It means the injuries are being kept to a minimum. It means that players and coaches are happy.

McNeil laments the quality of play in the Cactus League games. What the hell did he expect? More than half the time, the guys on the field aren't major leaguers. Even the ones that are major league talent have been sitting around for four months gathering rust.

Spring Training isn't about excitement (or at least it shouldn't be). Its about preparation, practice, and repetition. None of those things are inherently exciting. It is RELAXING for the fans. They get to see their favorite players, maybe get an autograph or picture, and sit out in the nice, sunny weather and watch some baseball being played (for a fairly reasonable cost).

I'm glad that Terrel Owens got released because now the sportswriters can have their debates about whether the Bears should sign him or not. That will be preferable to having a daily Bradley Tantrum Watch that will only serve to antagonize the man:

"Hey Milton, you pissed yet? How about now? A little angry? Even a little? Seriously? Everything is good and happy? You think you'll get pissed? When do you think? Now? How about now? No? OK..... BOOOO!! How about now? 'Cause if you don't get off to a good start, you'll be hearing some of that from the bleachers. Ask Jacque Jones. Does that piss you off? Hypothetically? Still all good? OK - see you tomorrow. Unless, you know, you want to get something off your chest now. No? OK, then. You should talk to Jacque though, he'll tell you. Maybe Corey Patterson. They'll both tell you how it is. Want Todd Hundley's number too? I have to tell you, you seem like you are a bit agitated. Is it because you're hurt? You know, because you're always hurt? I know I'd be frustrated. You know what helps with that? Talking it out. Just vent it all out. No? Alright then. Hey! Oh, sorry... you just wanted to shake my hand. I thought you were going to take a swing at me. You don't want to do that, right? Yeah - my bad. Sorry. OK, this time I really have to go. Here I go. Now. Nothing? Damn...."

It is the first week of March. There is a month of pre-season yet to go. We have plenty of time for things to go sour. The baseball gods are assuredly cooking up some fun twists and turns for our season, so there is absolutely no need to go WISHING they would happen before the regular season even starts. Enjoy the peace and serenity while it lasts.


Unknown said...

Hey Tim,

Love the Milton Bradley rant btw, well-done. I was going to link to it at TCR. Been reading your site lately and find it quite enjoyable. I also wanted to ask where you got that Cubs boxscore from in the right sidebar? I'll understand if you don't want to share your secrets.

Keep up the good work.

Rob G. (

SixRowBrewCo said...

Hey Rob,

Couldn't find an e-mail for you. Thanks for reading, I'm glad you like it so far. Hopefully I can keep up the quality for as long as you guys have over on your site.

The boxscore thing was a gadget I found in Blogger by searching "Cubs". I didn't need to copy the code or anything.

Thanks again and Go Cubs.

Unknown said...

Thanks...maybe it's a Google Gadget that I can embed.

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