Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm Not 100%, So I'm Benching Myself

The flu-like symptoms that have hit the Cubs' two most fragile players, Milton Bradley and Rich Harden have traveled all the way to Aisle 424. It seems no one is safe from the Cactus League Flu.

Of course, I don't actually have the flu, but there are certainly some symptoms, so I feel that is enough to justify holding myself out of all blogging activities in order to be able to get back into it when it really counts. I feel confident in this diagnosis as I have worked closely with physicians in my actual working life and I think I have acquired some advanced medical training through osmosis.

Also, I used to watch ER on a regular basis, so I am comfortable asking my girlfriend to run an MRI, chem-7 and lights - stat. She usually will just scratch her nose with her middle finger whenever I make this request of her, and she generally doesn't like when I compare her nursing skills unfavorably with those of Carol Hathaway or even Chundi.

Today I am feeling better and as you can see, I have begun posting, though I stayed away from any linking or formatting that may cause a setback. I have also started simulating typing and mouse-clicking with a towel. My index fingers have not felt this good this early in a season for quite some time. I credit my off-season strength and conditioning program involving watching a lot of the MLB Network and playing Baseball Tycoon on Facebook.

If I stay on schedule, I am confident that I will be ready to go full-speed very soon and, God willing, I will not miss any of the regular season. I'm anxious to get back to posting regularly and playing a major role in Cubs blogging during the upcoming season.... cough, cough, hack......wheeeze... cough....

Excuse me......... Thanks for your patience.... cough....


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