Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Getting to Know: Carlos Pena

Name: Carlos Pena

Position: 1st base

Batting Order Position: 4th?

Bats/Throws: Left/Left

2011 Opening Day Age: 32

Uniform Number: He's been #23 the last 3 years, so he'll need to find a new one.

Has he ever autographed a taco?: Yes.

According to the Chicago Tribune, it is the strangest thing he has ever autographed.  I don't want to know what one does with an autographed taco.  Do you use a Sharpie for that? Sour cream?

Will he be able to fix Zambrano's computer when he gets a virus?: Probably.

He apparently studied computer engineering at Northeastern University in Boston.'s Most Similar Batter: Dick Stuart's Most Similar Batters That You May Have Heard Of: Glenn Davis, Rob Deer, Pete Incaviglia, Adam LaRoche

Why We Might Like Him:
  • He can hit lots of homeruns - he tied for the AL homerun title in 2009.
  • The National League might agree with him.  He has a batting line of .259/.371/.526/.897 against the NL over his career.
  • He seems to be a genuinely good guy. He was the Roberto Clemente Award nominee from the Rays in 2008.
  • He actually hits well in April - .247/.379/.481/.859
  • He did not get a multi-year deal.
Why We Might Hate Him:
  • He will strike out many, many times.
  • His batting average will be crappy.
  • He does not hit well in September or October - .122/.258/.232/.489
If You Rearrange the Letters in His Name You Get: ANAL CORPSE

What Cubs Blogosphere Thinks of Him: 
  • Another Cubs Blog - "The Cubs got a good deal here, which isn't too surprising considering Pena's 2010 season. Some of the $10 million is deferred, but I'm not sure how much and when it will be paid. That makes $10 million overall worth less than $10 million right now of course so that's always a good thing. It's pretty sad that the Cubs have to defer money, but whatever."
  • Cubbie Doctor's Examiner - "You’re telling me that Jim Hendry couldn’t find a better option for $10 million?If that’s the case, Tom Ricketts should go down to Orlando right now and in front of everyone give Hendry his pink slip and then kick his ass out the door."
  • Cubs Stats - "I like Pena. Over at DRaysBay, we've joked for several years now that Carlos leads the team in :)% -- partly because he's a constant optimist and a funny guy, and partly because he gave us many reasons to smile. At the same time, though, he's approaching the finish of his career and he's extra weak against lefties. The dramatic infield shift the teams in the AL East used helped crush Pena's batting average and reduce his on-base abilities. If teams don't do shift on him, if the NL Central ends up having a weak crop of left-handed pitchers in 2011 (which they do right now), if wind in Wrigley smiles on Pena's towering fly balls, and if last year was more happenstance and less omen, then Carlos Pena at $10M is a great signing."


Doc Blume said...

I've started to relax my hatred of this deal a bit knowing that part of that money is being deferred until 2012. I hate the fact that money is being deferred, but with the payroll restrictions this year and the number of contracts coming off the books after 2011, I can deal with $5 million being paid to Pena in 2012.

That being said, I still wouldn't have made this deal. I really don't think this gives us any better of a chance to win but there probably isn't anyone left available that could be better (so why not just save the money...)

Kin said...

Saving money is for pussies. Spending it in a futile effort to add 3-4 wins or whatever to a 75-win team will make fans tingle with joy.

Aisle 424 said...

Ye of little faith.

I would rather they save the money too, but we know we might as well wish that they sign Cliff Lee. As far as mistakes go, this isn't a horrible one.

Doc Blume said...

That's true...

And speaking of big mistakes and Cliff Lee, check out my latest post. :)

Southside Phil said...

Dude, how long did it take you to do the letter scramble of his name to get to Anal Corpse!?

Aisle 424 said...

I sat here for hours with Scrabble tiles until I came up with something good. It also spells "CRAPS ALONE."

I actually used an Anagram-making website. I'm not even sure which one anymore.

Kin said...

One would hope he craps alone, as if he crapped with a friend that might be a bit awkward.

Unknown said...

Here's the video of Carlos signing the taco:

Yes, he used a sharpee, and the fan ate it immediately. This was the Spring Training before 2007 -- the year he hit 49 homers.

Ol' Carlos #4 is a quality human being.

FrankS said...

Maybe someone should tell the world's most superstitious Cub fan about the taco signing incident. What are the powers of a bologna sandwich?

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