Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Cubs are Misfits

The Phillies signed Cliff Lee, the Red Sox signed Carl Crawford and traded for Adrian Gonzalez.  Now even the Yankees have made a lesser move in signing Mark Prior that would have made sense for the Cubs, given their budget restrictions and their belief they need additional starting pitching.

Meanwhile, the Cubs have signed a stop-gap first baseman that is already set up to fail since Chicago media (and fans by extension) are obsessed with batting average as a key evaluator of player performance, and his won't be good.  Cue the boos.

It occurred to me that the Cubs have been scouting the Island of Misfit Toys in an effort to make those two or three magical moves that Jim Hendry keeps talking about.  So I found the clip on YouTube so I could post it as a half-assed joke on Twitter, and then I saw something that disturbed me to the core of my superstitious being.

Did you see it? At around the 1:10 mark, the camera starts panning out to show more of a crowd shot of the misfit toys and what is right there in the middle of the misfits?

Looks familiar doesn't it?

The bear in the Cubs logo came from the Isle of Misfit Toys!

This explains so much.  It's a Way of Life.


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