Monday, December 20, 2010

Congratulations, Bears and Hester

The Bears won the NFC North by going up to Minnesota's makeshift stadium and doing a pretty decent Patriots impression on the Vikings.

As a bonus, the Bears may (I stress the word "may") have finally ended Brett Favre's career once and for all with a sack by Corey Wootton in the second quarter.

I don't know who did the photoshop, but this was making the rounds on Twitter shortly after:

That seems about right.

So what could possibly make a division-clinching game after knocking out their old nemesis any better?  A record-breaking return by Devin Hester, solidifying him as the best return man in the history of the NFL (as though there was any question lingering in anyone's mind).

I don't have any footage of the record breaking footage, but maybe whoever put this together, can add it to the montage. (Audio has some NSFW language - just turn it down. You don't need it to enjoy.)

There really isn't much left to say except.  BEAR DOWN!!


Turns out there is footage of the record breaking return available. (h/t Sarah Spain)


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