Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cardinals Sign Puerto Rican Mark DeRosa

If I am reading fan reactions correctly on the interwebs, the Cardinals' signing of Felipe Lopez just guaranteed them a World Championship and the Ricketts are stupid horrible people who deserve to die for letting him slip away.  Felipe Lopez must be Spanish for Mark DeRosa.

I'm guessing Cubs fans will give him a standing ovation every time he comes to the plate when the Cardinals come to town too.

I know Cub fans want to have a league leader in something, but I'd hope we can agree that a guy that led the league in outs made for two straight seasons (2006-07) is probably not someone whom we should be pining for.

He has exactly two seasons out of nine where he finished above league average in OPS+.  Yes, one of those seasons was last year.  Remember the last time the Cubs signed a middle infielder coming off a career year?  His name was Aaron Miles.

I understand being pissed off about the suckiness of Mike Fontenot.  I even get why there may still be some doubters about the awesomeness that is Jeff Baker.  But, seriously?  Felipe Lopez was going to make you feel better about the Cubs' chances this season?

In a fit of pure optimism, I'm still far more apt to ignore one bad season from Fontenot when he played a large chunk of time out of position as he tried to replace Ramirez than I am to ignore seven and a half seasons of crap baseball from Felipe Lopez.

As far as I can tell.  Felipe Lopez is above average at having tattoos and a hot wife. 

But he is below average in baseball skills that actually help teams win games.

If we want below average baseball players to come in and replace Mike Fontenot just because we don't believe in him anymore, surely we'd rather see Theriot move to second and give the huge potential of Starlin Castro a shot to actually make a difference.  Felipe Lopez won't make a difference one way or the other for the Cubs or for the Cardinals.  But they have to pay him $2 million and the Cubs don't.  I'm fine with it.


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