Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brett Jackson is Team Edward

The Cubs have had their share of weird guys over the years.  Ryan Freel claimed he had a midget named Farney living in his head, Julio Zuleta performed voodoo on bats, Turk Wendell brushed his teeth after every inning and chewed black licorice while he pitched (hence all the tooth brushing, I guess), Moises Alou peed on his own hands before games, and Glenallen Hill went on the disabled list because he smashed into a glass coffee table as a result of a nightmare he had about spiders.

Now, it seems that Brett Jackson, the Cubs' first round draft choice last year has a quirk of his own.  He really enjoys having blood drained from him.

Gordon Wittenmyer shared this little nugget in his piece today about how Jackson and Vitters would not oppose testing minor leaguers for HGH:

''I like it,'' said Brett Jackson, the affable center fielder from the University of California. ''I was telling [teammate Josh Vitters] when they were sucking my blood out [for annual physicals], I kind of liked it. Isn't that weird? That's weird. I enjoyed it. I like blood.''

I guess that would put him on Team Edward?

Hopefully he can play baseball as well as Edward and the rest of the Cullen family.

By the way, you have no idea how sad it makes me that I was aware of this scene's existence.


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