Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's Happening?

I get distracted from the blog to take care of school projects and other business and I missed so much Cubs news.  Since the Winter Meetings ended, the Cubs have... um.... hmm.  Well, they must have done something.

Maybe they signed a new centerfielder?  No.  But they did lose one of their crappy options to the Red Sox when Mike Cameron signed with them.  But the good news on that front is that the White Sox traded for Juan Pierre so the crappy option of Scott Podsednik in a Cubs uniform comes a half step closer to fruition.

I bet they finally whittled down the numerous teams showing interest in clubhouse leader and all-around good guy, Milton Bradley, down to a few and have started hammering out specifics of an imminent deal to free up some salary and bring a whiter and less talented player to stumble around in right field.  No.  Milton is still a Cub.

Any moves to bring in a shortstop that can actually play shortstop?  No.  Any long term deals handed out to aging relievers coming off of arm surgery?  No.  Any AAAA outfielders that are out of options traded for the flotsam and jetsam of someone else's farm system?  No.

It turns out that the only thing less active than this blog has been the Cubs, so I guess I picked the right time to drop off the face of the earth for a bit.

I kind of wish I had missed something though.


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