Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tim Loses His Grip On Reality and All Common Sense

I want blood. I want the Cubs to go down to Los Angeles and pull the Dodgers' hearts out of their chests and show them to them as they die. I don't want to hear about "Cubbie Swagger" either. That is so lame, I can't believe it ever caught on. Nothing about this should involve the word "Cubbie."

I want the Cubs to walk into Chavez Ravine and mercilessly beat the hell out of the Dodgers. I want them to do to the Dodgers what the Dodgers did to the Cubs last year in the playoffs times one hundred. I want them to feel like they've just been caught cheating in a mafia-owned casino.

People all over the radio and internet are calling time of death on the Cubs season. This is when it pains me the most to be a Cubs fan. We are so f---ing ready to accept defeat and humiliation that we run to whatever mode of communication serves us and declare that the Cubs are done, that we never really believed in them in the first place, and that we should have known they would suck. Just wait 'til next year!

F--- that. We are six games out of first with a month and a half to play! We're acting like nobody has ever come back from a deficit like that. Yes, it's unlikely. Yes, the Cubs have played with their heads so far up their asses they can see what they had for dinner last night. Yes, they STILL aren't totally healthy. I don't f---ing care.

I don't care how unlikely a scenario it is. I will not give in to the voices in my head that are screaming for rationality and common sense. When the hell has baseball ever been rational and predictable? How often do you go to a ballpark and see some of the craziest-ass stuff you have ever seen in your life?

When the Cubs finally ever win the whole thing, it will almost assuredly be crazy and unpredictable. In 1984, they were favorites and folded in the playoffs. In 1985, they were favorites to repeat, and folded. In 1989 they were the underdogs, but they were such overachievers that they really didn't have anywhere else to go. So then in 1990 when they were favorites again, they folded. Same thing in 1998, overachieve and crash and burn, fold in 1999 as favorites to repeat. They were favorites in 2003 against the Marlins, and in 2004 and 2005 to repeat. Folded. They were favorites in both the 2007 and 2008 playoffs. Folded. This franchise has folded so many times there are crease marks.

They have never in my life been the underachieving, dogged by injury and circumstance group that has fought through adversity to reach the playoffs. They are poised to be that team this year.

The Cubs are four games behind St. Louis in the loss column. Four. We have three games left with them leaving only one more loss to be handed to the Cards by someone other than the Cubs, but people are acting like its fourteen and there are only fifteen games left. Yankee fans wouldn't be giving up yet. They'd be talking about the "Yankee magic" and Bucky Dent and every other time the Yankees have pissed the hell out of New England by rising from the dead. They wouldn't be wishing and hoping and praying, they would be f---ing EXPECTING it.

So the Cubs have never done that before. Big deal. It's about f---ing time they did, and why can't it be now? We've talked all year long how this team has the talent. Did that talent suddenly disappear? I know the answer appears to be yes when watching Soriano flail at breaking balls, Soto attempt to move his massive girth from Point A to Point B, and Aaron Miles doing anything at all, but should we be shocked that these players could suddenly start playing like we thought they should for the last quarter of the season?

If the Cubs make the playoffs, it won't be because they've overachieved. If the Cubs make it, they won't have burned out their horses just trying to get there. Most of them have spent significant time on the disabled list this year, so they should still be pretty fresh. Perhaps you remember how fresh Josh Beckett was in 2003? That's practically our whole damn team!

They play crappy teams almost the whole rest of the way and the few good teams need to understand that the Cubs shall not be taken lightly and they will not go quietly. I was right about Aaron Miles sucking, I was right about Milton Bradley being Mark Grace in a darker skin tone, I was right about Jeff Baker being awesome, and I even predicted a Soriano grand slam.

The Cubs are not done. Mark it down.


Anonymous said...

Preach it brother.

Marcus said...

Wow. I am back on board. If they make the playoffs, you and I are walking to a gas station and buying a lottery ticket.

Tim McGinnis said...

If they make the playoffs, we'll need that lottery money to be able to afford the tickets.

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