Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It Just Doesn't Matter

Since there are still 23 games remaining at Wrigley Field before this season comes to a merciful end, I think it would be wise for ticket holders to listen to Cubs fan, Bill Murray, before heading to Wrigley for a game:

None of these games matter anymore. The Cubs barely even play any teams that figure in the playoff chase, so the Cubs don't even get to play the role of spoiler.

This is the time to just enjoy Wrigley Field. Go and enjoy the day games as baseball was meant to be played. Go and take in the beauty of the ivy, the simplicity of the manual scoreboard, and the quaint atmosphere of a ballpark nestled into an urban neighborhood.

Just try not to take the game too seriously and don't get upset if the quality of baseball isn't quite major league caliber. The team doesn't, why should you?

It just doesn't matter.


Arnold said...

There's something to be said for just enjoying Wrigley. Like the planet in general. Just enjoy the thing while it's still able to sustain life.

SixRowBrewCo said...

I got a comment from @adaveyouknow on Twitter: "Still matters to me if they're charging me $50 a pop to enjoy the Wrigley ambiance with that crappy team on the field."

I agree and I'm pissed that it has come to this, but my point is getting whatever enjoyment you can out of money that is already spent.

The Cubs aren't going to give us a refund, we have already incurred the cost (and if you are buying tickets now at face value, you obviously have no expectations), you might as well enjoy the other things that are enjoyable about Cubs baseball besides the potential of them actually winning the game.

Brian LoCicero said...

Hey Tim: So I actually have sold off ALMOST all of my remaining tickets. I won't be sitting on the other side of the aisle from you until probably the last games of the year.

We ARE going to be there Sept 12, but I swapped out to get 4 downstairs as it'll be my 21 month old son's first game. He's going WAY earlier than I ever did (my first game was in 1971 when I was 5). My CEO has our seats on the 12th.

I agree with you 100%. It's now about just going and enjoying the day. That'll be nice for my little guy who really wouldn't know if he's at Wrigley or Elfstrom Stadium watching the Kane County Cougars (and even then, he only cares about the mascot, Ozzie)

SixRowBrewCo said...

I still own most of my seats for the rest of the year. My goal is to not buy any concessions when I go to games. They don't need any more of my money.

Hope your son has fun. Maybe they'll eventually win in his lifetime.

Let me know when you are back up in Aisle 424. It would be nice to say hello.

Anonymous said...

reminds of most of my youth where all we did as fans was pat ourselves on the back because the cubs played in one of the few traditional ballparks of that time.

i still really enjoy going to games at wrigley field. i go less and less these days and realize the psl's will probably make that more of a reality in the not so distant future. still a game at wrigley field is fun. if you can set aside for a few minutes that the debacle on the field is, you can't help but enjoy the atmosphere. it really is one of the unique venues in all of sport. a venue that most baseball fans would like to visit.

we should enjoy it in it's current state while we can. changes are a coming. while the changes are needed the ballpark will be different in the coming years.

Anonymous said...

the first ball willingham hit just landed

SixRowBrewCo said...

When the great atmosphere is all that is left, we might as well enjoy it while we can. You're right, PSLs are going to put a serious hit on how many games I can afford per year.

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