Friday, February 11, 2011

Marlon Byrd is Already Hustling

This week, Tim Sheridan (AKA @boysofspring on Twitter) tweeted out a few photos of Cubs players that have already started to arrive to Spring Training camp in Mesa.  Of course, the workhorse of the team, Marlon Byrd, was among the first players to arrive:

See Marlon.
See Marlon run.
Run Marlon, run.

I seriously don't know where this guy gets the energy.  Spring training hasn't even started and look at him!  He looks like he is already able to beat out a routine slow-roller to shortstop.

It is even more exhausting to know that this is probably as easygoing as he is going to be until the season ends.  So as the rest of the pitchers and catchers arrive over the weekend, lets just appreciate one of the guys on this team for whom it is easy to cheer.

I have to go lie down and rest.


Kin said...

He had pix of Garza and Wells too, and apparently Soto is also in town. I wonder if they'll still call Soto lazy though.

mb21 said...

"I wonder if they'll still call Soto lazy though."

Is Soto still Hispanic?

Kin said...

I see what you did there.

FrankS said...

It has to be a pretty slow roller for Marlon to beat it out though. He isn't really all that fast. But he definitely is a full-effort player.

I was looking at Marlon's bio and stat page at b-ref. What the hell is a Sprayberry? It's the name of the town where Marlon was born, but where did that name come from?

Aisle 424 said...

When I envisioned the slow roller to short, I envisioned Theriot fielding it and throwing a six-hopper to first.

Kin said...

That's if Theriot can even get to the slow-roller. It's not like he's Brendan Ryan...although I don't know whether that's an insult to Ryan Theriot or Brendan Ryan.

FrankS said...

But at least Theriot is on the right side of the Cards/Cubs rivalry now. Grounders to short might be a great offensive weapon against the Redbirds now.

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