Friday, September 3, 2010

Am I a Bad Cubs Fan for Not Hating the Mets Anymore?

Adam Kellogg and I sometimes seem to share the portion of our brain that thinks about the Cubs.  Perhaps we have always been kindred spirits in Cub fandom and we are just now realizing it through the interwebs.  Perhaps our collaborations on Wrigley Talk Friday have put us in some sort of cosmic synchronization like when women all get on the same monthly cycle as their friends.  Perhaps it's just something that can be chalked up to earning me my own self-given Jersey Shore nickname: The Happenstance.

Whatever it is, Adam wrote a post earlier about why he hates the Mets and here I am writing about how I don't hate them anymore.

I don't like them.  I actually could really care less about them anymore.

When I was growing up, I hated the Mets.  I HATED the Mets.  I hated Keith Hernandez because he was a former Cardinal.  I hated Gary Carter because he was Gary Carter.  I hated Darryl Strawberry. I hated Lenny Dykstra. I hated Howard Johnson. I hated Jesse Orosco. I hated Wally Backman. I hated Ron Darling. I hated Davey Johnson. I really fucking hated Dwight Gooden because no matter how many homeruns Tuffy Rhodes hit off him, he still always fucking won.

When I started watching the Cubs, 1969 was still pretty fresh in the public consciousness.  Until 1984, that was the most recent and spectacular collapse in the Cubs history and the Mets were tied to it.  Then after years of both teams sucking, they both got good in 1984, but the bitch was that the Mets then stayed good while the Cubs collapsed back into their usual spot at the bottom of the standings and I hated them for their success.

But now the Mets aren't as good as often anymore, and even when they are decent, it doesn't matter much since they aren't in the Cubs division anymore.  They are second class citizens in their own hometown behind the Yankees and the Yankees don't care enough about them to be their chief rival.

I even like Darryl Strawberry a little more now since he was such a good sport appearing on the Simpsons. 

Hell, Keith Hernandez has earned less hatred for his contribution to the genius of Seinfeld.

Dwight Gooden is too pathetic to bother hating him anymore.  I still hate Gary Carter, but you hardly ever see him around.  Sometimes at Denny's.

Today the Mets are just another National League team with a bloated payroll and under-performing players that is no more worthy of my hatred than the Rockies or the Nationals. 

It was fun while it lasted though.


Adam said...

Awesome. I think the only difference between your indifference toward them and my view is that my hatred just goes dormant all year until the Cubs play them. The Cubs/Mets series awakens the loathing, and then it goes away the minute the games are over. In the '80s I wanted them to lose every series regardless of the opponent. That faded during the Piazza era, I think. Now I nothing them until they play the Cubs, and even then I just wish they would go away.

Man, the Hernandez episodes of Seinfeld were awesome, though.

Anonymous said...

My first game at Wrigley was in '68. Mays, McCovey, Banks, Williams, Santo. Bobby Bonds may have been there too. '69 was the first year I was really into it though so you can guess my thoughts on the Mets. It's hard to put much energy into them though now that they are in another division and we only see them a few times a year....

The high point of the year for the Cubs has to be Ryno's Manager of the Year Award. I blogged on it over the weekend:

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