Friday, March 5, 2010

We're Talkin' 'Bout Practice

The Cubs will play the White Sox split squad in a practice game tomorrow afternoon starting at 2:00 PM central time that will be carried by WGN.  As if that were not exciting enough, you have the option of listening to my fellow bloggers, Julie from A League of Her Own and Adam from And Counting... join me (from this blog that you are currently reading, Mom) discussing the game live as it unfolds before us.  Actually, this is all Julie's thing, it's just that the Mom joke only worked the way I wrote it.

We should get to see Alfonso Soriano make his Spring debut and hopefully we can see some more of the developing awesomeness of guys like Tyler Colvin and Brett Jackson.  Personally, I am hoping for a Millar-free game, but you have to take the bitter with the sweet.

You can listen live here, or you can listen to the archived podcast later, but the game commentary probably won't make as much sense later since I doubt we will be as good at describing the scenes playing out as Pat Hughes can.  Though I don't want to underestimate Adam's ability to describe the teams' uniforms as well as Pat.

So that is tomorrow, Saturday, March 5, at 2:00 PM Central Time.  In the meantime, I would also like to share some information about Marlon Byrd that you may not have heard...


Jennifer McSparin said...

Totally dying laughing at that video. Perfect.

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