Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Fantasy Team Has Bad Team Chemistry

I have just finished my first of five fantasy baseball drafts and look who I picked up in the 19th round:

 And look who does not approve:

No luck of the Irish for me.


Luis M said...

I hope your fantasy league gives points for ejections (EJ), tirades thrown (TT) and games missed.

Aisle 424 said...

He would have gone in the 1st round if those were categories.

MexicanThypoon said...

I got in the last round because I had no one to pick. Hey might have a good season in the beginning. Then he'll hurt his leg(again),go on a 15 cold streak, play mildly shitty defense, and, accuse Mariners fans of being racist for booing him

Anonymous said...

that picture scares the hell out of me.

wv23 said...

one of the people in these pictures has crazy eyes.

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