Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shock Jocks Are Apparently Unfunny in Any Language

This may be a bit confusing, but before we get to Sammy and the idiot radio-host, I want to make sure I credit everyone involved in bringing this story to my attention:

First, I saw a tweet from the great Hugging Harold Reynolds blog, that was a re-tweet of The Big Lead, that led me to their blog post about Sammy.  This post linked to a blog called Bob's Blitz, which linked to the original radio host's site where he complains about getting kicked out of Sammy Sosa's birthday party.

I think that is everyone.  I apologize if I left anyone out. I have to go lie down.

Anyway, it seems that Enrique Santos, who has dubbed himself the King of all Spanglish Media (seriously), was invited to Sammy Sosa's birthday party.  Santos thought it would be HYSTERICAL to show up in blackface and claim that he was using a skin cream that was causing some darkening.  Get it?  Because Sammy is using a skin-lightening cream?  It's funny on so many levels.

While on the red carpet doing interviews, Santos was approached by a publicist who asked him what he was doing, telling Santos, “You can’t make fun of him,” and ultimately kicking him out of the affair. “I explained to her that it was a special cream I was using that darkened my face and then I asked her, ‘How many women in here are wearing makeup?” but she wasn’t having it,” Santos tells us. “Was I not white enough for Sammy’s party or have the millions gotten to his head–I mean skin?”

Oh man, that is good stuff.  "Have the millions gotten to his head - I mean skin."  See what he did there?  He made you think he was just talking about Sammy's ego, but then he went the other way and tied in the skin color.  Normally you don't find that level of humor outside of a Bazooka Joe comic.

Now, I am obviously not above poking a bit of fun at Sammy Sosa and his cream.  The main difference is that I don't show up at his house for his birthday party and make fun of him in front of him and all his guests.

But, lets say for the sake of argument that I DID get invited to his house and I did make fun of him in front of his friends and the media.  I certainly wouldn't get all pissy about it when Sammy didn't appreciate it and had me tossed from the party.  I would have had him thrown out of my party for being an unfunny douchebag even if I wasn't the butt of his "joke."

Look at this f---ing guy:

Who thinks this guy is funny?  I bet even Ted Danson thinks he's an asshole.


Eric C said...

Wow, that guy has some nerve. I totally agree with you. If you want to do something like this at your Halloween party, that's one thing; to go to the man's house, after he invited you, and insult him, just shows no class.

Aisle 424 said...

About the only thing missing from his material is a flappy dickie, spinning bow-tie, and the Spanish equivalent of "That's what she said!"

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