Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rejuvenatin' Sammy

You know it is the baseball off-season when Sammy Sosa's skin color becomes a major topic of conversation.

It seems that Sammy showed up at an awards show in Vegas and he had his photo taken with his wife on the way in.  The photos, originally run on, showed Sammy a good five shades whiter than any photo I had ever seen of him.

Speculation ran rampant about the cause of Sammy's Michael Jackson look.  Was he sick?  Was this some side-effect of the steroids?  Is Sammy trying to look whiter for some reason?

Well, we can all go back to watching the Bears' season death spiral because the Tribune has revealed the reason behind the strange look of the photos:

"He's not trying to be Michael Jackson," said former Cubs employee Rebecca Polihronis, who talks frequently with Sosa.

Sosa was photographed recently during an appearance at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.
"He is going through a rejuvenation process for his skin," Polihronis said. "Women have it all of the time. He was surprised he came out looking so white. I thought it was a body double. Part of (the photo appearance) is just the lighting.
"He is in the middle of doing a cleansing process to his skin. The picture is deceiving. He said, 'If you saw me in person, you would be surprised. When you see me in person, it is not going to seem like the picture.
So, it's a rejuvenation process.  Good enough for me.  Of course, I don't care all that much.


B White said...

1) That is a scary look he has going on.

2) Why is he being invited to any awards shows?

Don't get me wrong - as an impressionable 10 year old, I fell in love with Sosa's HRs back in '98 and he played a significant role in my development as a Cubs fan. I fail to see what he has done in the past 2 years to warrant him being invited to an awards show. (I could say the last 5 years, but I'll acknowledge his time in BAL and TEX, too.) Do we know what awards show this was?

Aisle 424 said...

The original photo caption on said it was the "Person of the Year Ceremony in honor of Juan Gabriel at the Manadalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on November 4."

Charley said...

First a re"juice"nation process and now a rejuvenation process. Wow, I wish I never saw that picture, gives me the creeps.

Kris said...

Before reading your text, I assumed Sammy was sporting a vampire costume for a Halloween party.

Aisle 424 said...

Sammy has always been pretty media savvy. He knows vampires are "in" now.

jean1991 said...

Thea award show was the Latin Grammys

Aisle 424 said...

Thanks, jean. Where did you see that? I thought I saw somewhere that it was the Latin Grammys too, but the caption didn't mention that.

duey23 said...

He needs all of these processes because why? My guess is that after the "juice" wore off, he was left a little flabby and so he's had a few tucks here and there and the knifeman prolly told him he could take care of some blotches on his skin.

Next thing you know Sammy is going to look like Joan Rivers or Kathy Griffin.

Nice that Sammy still has all of that money. Good for him.

Aisle 424 said...

Yeah - I don't know why he's getting the rejuvenating treatment other than because he can. I'm fairly certain that his wife's cleavage is as corked as his bat, so it wouldn't surprise me if this is just a vanity excercise, but whatever. He earned his money and if he wants to spend it on lighter skin and bigger boobies, that's his business.

I find it hilarious that it has gotten this much attention on the interwebs. America loves freaks.

Charley said...

Hey Aisle,

Until the story posted on Yahoo today, I had no idea how hot his wife is! I can't believe you didn't show the whole picture with her in it. Holy cow!

Aisle 424 said...

It appears that he likes his women as enhanced as he was.

Greg Delaney said...

it's possible that Sammy is a little too excited about New Moon coming out this month

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