Monday, September 7, 2009

So... How 'Bout Them Bears?

When I first started this blog all those many months ago, I told my reader that the inspiration for starting a blog in the first place was to provide a representation of what it is like to sit in Aisle 424 with my summer family. Of course, the main topic of conversation is the Cubs and how they are likely crushing our dreams at any particular moment. However, when the Cubs are getting their asses handed to them and the game becomes secondary to the experience of Wrigley Field, we do hit upon other topics.

As I wrote more content and my readership climbed to three, I found that the people who found their way here didn't really care too much about my thoughts on Rod Blagojevich, snow removal in Chicago, or the Super Bowl, so I pretty much stuck with the Cubs (though it's debatable how much they cared about my thoughts on the Cubs either). Lately, I have found myself at a loss for many further words about these Cubs.

The season trudges on with meaningless game after meaningless game. It will be marginally interesting to see what guys like Bobby Scales and Sam Fuld do with increased playing time, but lets call a AAAA player a AAAA player and understand that Bobby Scales, Sam Fuld, Micah Hoffpauir, Jake Fox, and probably even Jeff Baker will not be playing any major role on any Cubs team that is truly built for attempting to win the World Series.

So what is there to say? Speculating about potential moves before the season even ends is generally pointless, though occasionally fun, so there will be some time dedicated to that. Of course, being repetitive and stale can drive people away as easily as being repetitive and stale. I'll also need to be wary that this could get repetitive and stale.

Otherwise, there is actually more going on in Chicago than just the Cubs failing at playing baseball like grownups. The Bears season will be starting soon with something new and exciting called a "franchise quarterback." I don't know what that is, but I'm pretty sure it could lead to the Bears achieving something we have only recently dreamed about in Chicago: a "touchdown."

The Blackhawks will soon be hitting the ice after a run deep into the Stanley Cup playoffs. They've had a bumpy offseason. It began with signing a player who is injured to a contract that makes Soriano's seem reasonable. It most recently involved a star player beating up a cabbie in Buffalo over twenty cents change in cab fare. (In his defense, I've lived near Buffalo and there is so little happening there, the residents resorted to eating obscure chicken parts in hot sauce for fun, so it's entirely possible he was legally insane with boredom at the time.)

The Bulls shocked everyone by almost beating the defending champion Celtics in the playoffs in a series that stopped my heart about fifty separate times. Derrick Rose will attempt to take the next step forward in his development as a superstar, and Joakim Noah will try to learn how to use a comb.

Mayor Daley is attempting to build his legacy by bringing the Olympics and its enduring spirit of crushing the local economy to Chicago in 2016. Oprah is taping episodes of her show wherever the hell she wants. Chicago children will return to school tomorrow where President Obama will attempt to brainwash them with a speech that none of them will pay attention to because it won't be restricted to 140 characters.

So, here at Aisle 424, you'll still get more about the Cubs than you probably care to read, but there will also be a bit more about non-Cubs topics than you care to read as well.


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